Arizona Superior Awning  

Benefits of Awnings and Solar Screens

Both awnings and sun screens conserve energy by shading your windows and doors thereby keeping the sun's heat and damaging UV and IR radiation out of your home. These products reduce the amount of energy to cool your environment while protecting your valuable furnishings, floor coverings and window treatments from being damaged by the sun.

Screens and awnings provide a glare free environment enhancing your enhancing your ability to watch TV or work on your computer while maintaining your view of the outside.

Awning also serve to make your decks and patios much more comfortable and enjoyable by providing shade for these areas which reduces the temperature in shading areas by 20 degrees or more. The acrylic fabrics utilized in covering awnings block 98% of the UV radiation and have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation's Endorsement. Awnings provide you with peace of mind by eliminating the harmful effects of the sun, making your outdoor living areas more inviting and accessible.

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